Advertising Information

    If you’ve made it here, you probably have a few questions that you would like answered, right?

    I’ll bet the first or main one is, ‘ How much does it cost to advertise on your stations?’ The correct answer should be ‘NOTHING.’ If you are buying and planning your advertising the right way, it’s an investment not a cost. It’s fair to say that you should get a return on that investment and the rate of return is going to be determined by what you do.

    We have the expertise to easily guide you through the many different options available.

    We have one goal, and that is to make whatever you do with us work. We believe if we achieve that, you will be more likely to want to continue to deal with us ongoing and that’s where our growth will come from.  

    If you have the right frequency (how many commercials and how they are placed) combined with the right creative message, then the size of your success is only limited by your budget.

    At The Texarkana Radio Center, we have packages and advertising solutions to suit every budget.

    Make that call and lets talk about how we can help grow your business.

    Ask for Col Taylor – President Texarkana Radio Center 903 793 4671