Taylor Parker's ex-husband takes the stand in murder trial

    During yesterday’s session of the Taylor Parker murder trial, Parker’s ex-husband Tommy Waycasey took the stand.

    After the defense asked Waycasey whether Parker had ever been evaluated for mental illness, prosecution took time to remind the jury that Parker was found competent to stand trial and that she is not insane. 

    The defense has not denied Parker’s various deceptions, instead questioning why they were believed in the first place.  They also questioned why no one contacted law enforcement about her fake pregnancy.  This was rebuffed by an investigator who testified that it isn’t illegal to fake a pregnancy. 

    Waycasey affirmed that he was with Parker through her tubal ligation after the birth of their son, as well as her hysterectomy.  Waycasey said he was told by a doctor that endometriosis and a tubal pregnancy had been detected, and that since Waycasey was already in the middle of ovarian cyst surgery, he had to make the decision of whether to remove her uterus.  Waycasey testified that Parker was angry upon learning of the decision. 

    Waycasey also testified of his attempts to warn Parker’s boyfriend Wade Griffin, using an anonymous number to contact him after learning that Parker was claiming to be pregnant. 

    After Waycasey’s second attempt to warn Griffin, phone records showed that Griffin sent a screenshot to Parker, whose own phone records then began searching for out-of-hospital births.  Prosecution pointed to this as a crucial moment in the escalation of Parker’s efforts to produce a baby. 

    There will be no testimony today, and Reagan Hancock’s mother is expected to take the stand when the trial resumes next week.

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