Testimony continues in fetal abduction slaying case

    Testimony in the Taylor Parker murder trial continued yesterday, including more details in the killing of Reagan Hancock and her daughter Braxlynn.

    Forensic evidence showed that Hancock, in addition to being strangled and repeatedly stabbed, also had her skull crushed by a hammer while her three-year-old daughter slept in the next room. 

    Special Agent Dustin Estes, a DPS agent who took the stand Monday, continued his testimony on Tuesday highlighting Parker’s social media posts about her pregnancy, as well as messages between Parker and the victim, which Parker tried to delete. 

    The prosecution also showed that Parker had ordered a fake pregnancy belly from a website, along with a fake ultrasound. 

    Parker’s search history changed around September 14, as she began searching for places where pregnant women might congregate.  She made appointments and was seen around OB/GYN clinics in East Texas and Shreveport. 

    Estes said that he believes Parker was trying to pass herself off as a midwife in order to get close to pregnant women after her internet history began showing searches for how to perform both vaginal and c-section births. 

    Two days prior to the murder, Parker looked up Hancock’s address and the office of her OB/GYN.  Parker searched for information on a 35-week delivery (approximately how far along Hancock was) on the morning of the murder.  She also searched for how to perform an exam on a pre-term infant. 

    Texas Ranger Lt. Jared Brown testified that Parker used a number of apps to hide her phone number while trying to contact Hancock, as well as fake conversations with her grandmother, aunt, and boyfriend to hide her deception before trying to delete the conversations. 

    Brown also testified that Parker used a spoofing app to call in a bomb threat to the hospital where her induction was scheduled in an effort to cover up that it wouldn’t take place. 

    The trial will continue through Thursday, with four-day weeks going forward until its completion. 

    Parker remains in custody on a $5 million bond. 

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