Testimony resumes in Taylor Parker murder trial

    The Taylor Parker murder trial resumed yesterday.

    Cody Ott, who previously worked with Parker’s boyfriend Wade Griffin and had remained friends with him, testified that he attempted to warn Griffin that he felt something was off about Parker’s pregnancy. 

    Ott and his wife had gone out with Griffin and Parker on a few occasions, with Ott saying he initially believed Parker’s stories about her pregnancy and family fortune but grew suspicious when checks Griffin was writing didn’t clear for vehicles Parker was buying. 

    Ott testified that he tried to counsel Griffin from quitting his roofing job.  Around that time, Ott said that Griffin began receiving emails from an email account he was led to believe belonged to Parker’s mother, Shona.  The email account belonging to “Mandy Body” is alleged by prosecutors to feed false information backing up claims Parker was making about her pregnancy and fortune.  In mid-April, the Otts hosted a gender-reveal party for Parker, despite their suspicions. 

    Ott said that eventually the suspicion became too much after hearing from too many family members and exes of Parker who expressed doubts about her claims.  Griffin, however, was still under the belief that she was telling the truth and a rift formed between the Otts and Griffin.

    Suzie Ramirez, a former co-worker of Parker’s from Northeast Texas Women’s Health Clinic in Mount Pleasant, testified that Parker went to the clinic requesting a copy of her medical records shortly after she began claiming to be pregnant.  Parker had previously been a patient at the clinic during her partial hysterectomy. 

    Ramirez testified that Parker alleged she had a mass in her abdomen that had a heartbeat and a doctor wanted to biopsy it to determine viability.  Ramirez testified that she was skeptical of Parker’s claims but listened to her story instead of questioning her.  According to Ramirez, Parker was particularly interested in getting a copy of an ultrasound from her pregnancy in 2013, claiming that her daughter needed it for a school project.  Ramirez and the clinic staff kept tabs on Parker as she began posting about her pregnancy on social media. 

    The alleged baby, which Parker named “Clancy Gaile” underwent fictitious pre-natal checkups and health scares, with Parker systematically blocking anyone who questioned the pregnancy.  Ramirez, however, found a way to save Snapchat messages between she and Parker without Parker realizing it.  This, Ramirez believes, is the reason she was the only one of the clinic staff invited to the gender reveal party, which she chose not to attend in order to not give validity to Parker’s claims. 

    Ramirez later learned Parker had been using her name in stories about her pre-natal checkups that never took place.  Ramirez testified that Parker knew that HIPPA laws would keep anyone at the clinic from being able to contest her story, and that Griffin was kept in the dark due to the COVID pandemic preventing patients from bringing anyone with them to clinic appointments.  However, Griffin did call the clinic on more than one occasion seeking information. 

    The clinic did warn the hospital that Parker claimed was supposed to deliver her baby.  However, they believed that Parker’s tale would end in a fake miscarriage, rather than a double murder.

    Finally on Monday, the mother of Parker’s boyfriend Wade Griffin took the stand.  Connie Griffin testified that she attempted to counsel her son that Parker might not be pregnant.  Griffin also said that she felt Parker was “personable” when they first met, and that she felt that her personality drew people in. 

    However, as the relationship between Parker and Wade Griffin continued, Connie said that she didn’t believe the pair wanted the same things.  Griffin also testified that Parker’s “money troubles” started early in the relationship with her constantly having issues with her family’s alleged fortune in oil leases, royalties, and her inheritance. 

    Griffin also stated that Parker seemed to take control of Wade’s life, especially his home and finances.  Parker’s schemes also drew Wade in, Griffin said, including the ranch on the Red River which dragged on for months before falling through.  One of the biggest red flags in Parker’s tales came when she purchased a car for Connie Griffin, which Parker later claimed need to be recalled by the dealership for a brake pedal issue.  Griffin said that she called the dealership later to find out that payment for the car had never gone through. 

    Whenever money troubles would come up, Parker always seemed to have an excuse, including blaming her mother for locking her out of the family fortune.  Parker had also made big promises to the Griffin family including a new barn for Wade’s father, a custom side-by-side, 20 head of cattle for the Red River property, and a new truck for Wade. 

    Unfortunately, a juror fell ill during the trial, prompting Judge John Tidwell to recess until this morning.

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