Texas High School Publications Receive Awards for Excellence in Design, Photography & Writing

    Student work of Texas High School Publications has received numerous awards and recognitions in design, photography and writing for their Tiger Times/Tiger Times Online newspaper and Tiger Yearbook.


    *Pacemaker Award for Tiger Times print newspaper.  One of 19 in the country to receive this highest award;

    *First Place for Newspaper Front Page Design: Team of Margaret Debenport & Owen Smith;

    *Honorable Mention for Newspaper Spread Design: Addison Cross and Anna Grace Jones.



    *Crown Finalist for Tiger Times/Tiger Times Online in Hybrid Newspaper category.  One of 43 in the country to receive award;

    *Crown Finalist for Tiger Yearbook. One of 41 in the country to receive award;

    *Gold Circle for Tiger Times Print Newspaper. 

    First Place for First Person Experience:  Audrey Haskins;

    First Place for Photo Story:  Team of Margaret Debenport & Peyton Sims;

    Second Place for Photo Illustration: Peyton Sims;

    Certificate of Merit for Photo Story: Margaret Debenport;

    Certificate of Merit for Sports Page Design: TJ Wall.



    *Sweepstakes Winner for Theme Development: Team of Meredith Green, Raven Ivory, Kayla Teague & Haley Wood.  Top award in the country for Class A (enrollment of 750 or more students);

    *Honorable Mention for Clubs & Organizations Spread: Alex Reed;

    *Honorable Mention for Feature Photo: Hollan Reed;

    *Honorable Mention for Sports Spread: Endsley Norman and Cort Rainwater;

    *Honorable Mention for Student Life Photo: Kaitlyn Rogers;

    *Honorable Mention for Student Life Spread: Cayli Clack.



    *Best of the Best in Concept: Team of Meredith Green, Raven Ivory, Janie Rounds, Kayla Teague & Haley Wood. Top award in the State.

    *Best in Texas Awards for Tiger Yearbook:

    Superior Awards:

                 Academic Copy:  Lia Graham and Alex Reed;

    Academic Spread:  Team of Alex Reed & Mary Claire Wright;

    Organizations Spread:  Alex Reed, Team of Will Carter & Evelyn Patterson;

    Sports Action Photo: Caden Rainwater

    Sports Copy:  Ellison Davis, Cort Rainwater, Team of Ellison Davis & Rhett Young;

    Sports Spread: Team of Carrigan Brush, Ellison Davis & Endsley Norman, Team of Ellison Davis & Rhett Young, Team of Olivia       George & Endsley Norman

    Student Life Photo: Kaitlyn Rogers;

    Theme Copy: Janie Rounds;

    Theme Development: Team of Meredith Green, Kayla Teague

    & Haley Wood.


    Excellent Awards:

    Academic Photo: Jonathan Naples.;

    Academic Spread: Mary Claire Wright;

    Organizations Copy: Cayli Clack;

    Sports Action Photo: Abby Elliott and Kaitlyn Rogers;

    Sports Copy: Team of Olivia George & Endsley Norman;

    Sports Spread: Team of Emma Hickerson and Cort Rainwater;

    Student Life Photo: Peyton Sims.

    Honorable Mention:

    Sports Action Photo: Kaitlyn Rogers;

    Student Life Photo: Abby Elliott;

    Student Life Spread: Cayli Clack (2 entries.)

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